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for Hamilton City Council West Ward 2022

Sarah Thomson

Kia ora


I'm Sarah Thomson. Over the last three years I've been proud to represent you as a West Ward councillor. A former commercial and community lawyer, I have advocated for


  • safe and accessible transport choices

  • well-planned growth

  • restoring our gullies and green spaces

Our city is growing fast. We need to keep working on innovative and affordable ways to provide for new housing while looking after our existing communities.

Let's strive for neighbourhoods we can be proud of - well maintained footpaths, street trees and local playgrounds with shade in the summer. Let's also ensure that we're creating a sustainable city that will be a great place to live for decades to come.


I would love to have your support this election to continue the great work we've started.


western rail trail.jpg


Safer streets, more transport choices

I'm committed to ensuring everyone has genuine choices for getting around the city, and doing our bit to reduce carbon emissions.  Safe, connected walking and biking networks and great public transport are key, along with improving accessibility for people with disabilities, mobility challenges or young children. I've also pushed hard to kick-start a school travel planning pilot, aimed at delivering safer journeys to school for our kids. 

Providing for housing, looking after our communities

Hamilton is growing fast and we need to provide for a variety of housing, including more medium and high-density housing options that are well-designed and connected to public transport. Finding ways to partner and invest in infrastructure without burdening existing residents is critical. It's also time that we invest back into our existing communities, especially where there has already been intensification but a lack of supporting investment.

Access to green space and nature

Over the last three years I have championed working alongside our hard-working community volunteers to protect and restore our gullies and green spaces, but there's more work to do. Through the Nature in the City Strategy we've set a target to increase native habitat cover in Hamilton from 2% to 10% of the city by 2050. The trees we plant now will be enjoyed for many generations to come, providing spaces to relax and enjoy nature and habitat for our wonderful native wildlife to thrive.



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Voting starts 16 Sept 2022, and voting papers should arrive in the mail shortly after. The last day for voting is 8 October.  If you don't receive voting papers or aren't enrolled at your current address, you can do a special vote - there will be a range of locations where you can do this including the Hamilton libraries.

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