for Hamilton City Council West Ward 2019

Sarah Thomson

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I'm Sarah Thomson, a community lawyer and advocate for the environment.  As a candidate for Hamilton City Council West Ward, I'm offering new leadership and fresh thinking around the Council table.  This is our chance to vote for change, so be sure to have your say!

Voting starts on 20 Sept 2019, and voting papers should arrive in the mail by 25 Sept  Post your  papers back by 5 Oct to get them back in time.  Not sure how voting works?  Check out my video here.


Safer streets, more transport choices

Let's reduce congestion and give people more options for getting around.  Safe, connected walking and biking networks, and great public transport are key.  It's not about spending more, but changing how we spend our transport budget.  Learn more.

Affordable housing, smarter growth

Let's develop an Affordable Housing Plan for Hamilton and build a better balance of housing.  We need more high-density housing options that are well-designed and connected to public transport.  By building up, not out, we can also strengthen and rejuvenate our city centre.

A healthy environment

Climate change is a defining issue of our time.  We can't solve it alone, but it's time we do our part!  Local action has huge benefits for local people, and helps to create healthier communities.  Let's transform our transport system, encourage sustainable buildings, and increase tree cover.  Let's also continue to clean up our waterways - our greatest asset. 

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