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Safer streets, better transport choices
Key Actions
  • Reallocate road space to create protected lanes for e-scooters and bikes along key transport routes.  Use cost effective plastic or concrete barriers for protection.
beach road.jpg

Beach Road protected cycle way. Image credit: Auckland Transport

  • Provide better markings and way-finding signs to help people use quieter back street routes for biking where practical.  Look into developing a Bike Hamilton app.
  • Put raised crossings at each entry/exit at roundabouts to allow pedestrians and cyclists to safely navigate roundabouts.
roundabout 2.jpg

Franklin Road roundabout, Auckland

Rail plan.png
  • Investigate and plan for inner-city rail.  This will be a long-term project, but as a city we need to be planning ahead.
  • Work with NZTA to secure central government funding.
  • Reprioritise current transport budgets.  For example, the long-term infrastructure plan earmarks close to half a billion for widening roads and building a new bridge in the North to address congestion as the city grows. These funds would be better spent on solutions that give people real alternatives to driving (such as quality public transport) and thereby provide a long-term solution to congestion.  
  • Get growth right.  By planning transport and housing together, we can significantly improve transport outcomes. Higher density housing along key public transport routes will help to support financially sustainable public transport.  Reducing sprawl and building the city up is also key - a compact city with mixed development will reduce walking and biking distances
  • User pays for parking. We need to focus on better, longer-term solutions for regenerating the CBD. 
Note:  I will be publishing more detailed plans regarding housing and the environment over the next few days, so watch this space!
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Authorised by Sarah Thomson 82 Bankier Rd, Horsham Downs

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